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Money Clinic podcast: Should I combine my pension pots?

Putting all of your pension savings in one place to make it easier to manage your retirement plans sounds like a sensible idea — but it’s not necessarily the right solution for everyone.

On this week’s Money Clinic, presenter Claer Barrett meets 51-year-old Tina who has spent lockdown searching for all of her old pensions.

FT podcast: Should I combine my pension pots?

Claer Barrett talks to listener Tina about her retirement savings dilemma. Listen here

Some have performed much better than she hoped, but others have been crimped by high charges — and because she’s worked overseas, there’s an 11-year gap in her UK state pension contributions.

Experts Sir Steve Webb of Lane Clark & Peacock and Catherine Morgan, the financial planner who hosts the In Her Financial Shoes podcast, provide tips for people of all ages looking to sort out their pension savings — and discuss the pros and cons of using new online pensions consolidation services.

If you would like to talk to Claer for a future episode, please email the Money Clinic team at money@ft.com with a short description of your dilemma, and how you would like us to help. Follow Claer on Twitter and Instagram @Claerb and read her weekly Serious Money column in the FT Money section of the FT Weekend newspaper.

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