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'I play digital music through my 1949 radio'

By Alex CockeramBBC News image copyrightRob Seawardimage captionRob says the original valves on his Murphy A146 still work today When we think of technology our imagination usually takes us to images of the future. But for some, technology links us to the past – whether for nostalgia or for personal …

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'I went from Hollywood glamour to food donations'

By Susan HornikBusiness reporter, Los Angeles image copyrightGetty Imagesimage captionThis year’s Hollywood award ceremonies have moved online, meaning no big events for hospitality staff to work at Hollywood’s annual awards season is usually a profitable time for the many people who work behind the scenes. Event planners have large scale, …

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Budget 2021: 10 ways Rishi Sunak's speech affects you

By Kevin PeacheyPersonal finance correspondent, BBC News image copyrightGetty Images With lives and livelihoods still at risk, Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s Budget is focused on short-term support for people’s jobs and finances. But there are signs of what will happen next and how this will affect the money in your pocket. …

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GameStop: What is it and why is it trending?

By Kirsty GrantBBC Newsbeat image copyrightGetty Images You’ve probably stared blankly at your WhatsApp chat as the words “GameStop”, “Reddit” and “stock market” get thrown around the way “pub” and “meet at 8” used to. Your friends have become Jordan Belfort from the Wolf of Wall Street overnight, and you …

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Brexit: 'Putting UK, not GB, delayed my fish for 24 hours'

By Lucy HookerBusiness reporter, BBC News Published duration10 minutes ago Share Share page linkCopy link About sharing Related Topics Brexit image copyrightBerwick Shellfish image captionGraham Flannigan and his daughter Emma currently have a backlog of crabs and lobsters Two weeks into the UK’s new trading relationship with the EU, there …

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How much can Joe Biden get done on the US economy?

By Natalie ShermanBusiness reporter, New York image copyrightReuters The social and economic devastation from the coronavirus pandemic helped win Joe Biden the White House – and his first months in office will be devoted to tackling it. While the country remains sharply divided, Mr Biden’s party has control of the …

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