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UK pubs and restaurants warn of staff shortages

UK pub and restaurant owners have warned of staff shortages after thousands of workers left the hospitality industry to return to their home countries or take other jobs during the pandemic. Operators from across the industry told the Financial Times that when they recalled furloughed staff in preparation for the …

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Liberty Steel’s Scottish plant misses interest payments

A steel factory in Scotland owned by Sanjeev Gupta, the tycoon fighting to save his metals empire, stopped making interest payments on an overdue taxpayer-backed loan last year after the coronavirus crisis hit the UK. The Dalzell plate mill run by Liberty Steel near Motherwell was reopened in 2016 and …

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Mexicans head for US in hunt for Covid jab

Dismayed by the slow rollout of Covid-19 shots at home, middle-class Mexicans are increasingly travelling to the US as loose inoculation policies in some states fuel vaccine tourism. “It’s sort of common knowledge that you can get vaccinated in different places,” said Julia Reyes, a researcher who travelled from Mexico …

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Easy money might be over in US mortgage banking boom

Not many people have fond memories of 2020. Except those in the US residential mortgage banking trade, which had an exceptional year for profits, pay and employment. Americans tend to think entitlements are for the poor or elderly, forgetting that the effectively free option to refinance home mortgages is a …

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Rush for carbon credits spurs surge in power company schemes

A rush by companies to buy credits to offset carbon emissions has led to contentious schemes being developed by large power companies including India’s Adani Group and US-based NextEra Energy. Fundamental to the principle of offsetting is that the projects that generate credits should deliver carbon benefits that are additional …

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