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Loot boxes: I blew my parents' savings gaming on Fifa

Like many young teenagers, Jonathan Peniket enjoyed buying random player “packs” to build up his team on the Fifa football video game. But when his mum was diagnosed with cancer, his spending on these packs, or “loot boxes”, became – as he sees it – an addiction he couldn’t control. …

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Rosengren sees more US businesses needing Fed rescue

Virus outbreaks in the coming months will drive a “ramp up” in demand for the Federal Reserve’s $600bn lending scheme to help American business weather the coronavirus pandemic, a senior central bank official has predicted.  “My expectation and my fear is that we still have community spread in many areas …

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Italian Banking Industry Chose Decentralization Over Centralization

Italian Banking Industry Chose Decentralization Over Centralization In a recent panel, as part of a digital Unitize blockchain conference, ABI chief innovation officer Silvia Attanasio explained why the banking entity chose to go the decentralized blockchain route for Spunta — its blockchain solution built on enterprise blockchain platform Corda. If …

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